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Brown Bay

Brown Bay beach, St John guide to beaches

Brown Bay beach mapBrown Bay is, literally, one of the off-the-beaten-path beaches. Pros: you’ll likely find you have the beach to yourself. Cons: You’ll have to hike to get there and back.

Getting there:
The most popular way to reach Brown Bay is by hiking the Brown Bay Trail, located just off East End Road (Rte 10). Plan on approx. 30 min. of hiking each way.

Brown Bay beach
The beach at Brown Bay is sandy and wind swept with plenty of shade along the narrow sand and pebble shoreline. The water is a mix of sandy bottom and sea grasses. Shallow entry. Waves are lightest early in the morning and on days when the wind is out of the south.

Snorkeling is best along the eastern side where the corals are exposed to a stronger current and deeper water.conch st john

Brown Bay Ruins – there is a rambling group of foundation stones and archways along the western side of the beach. The area is pretty overgrown and difficult to explore. Also, beware of the Jack Spaniard wasp! They love to build their nests hanging from vines …at about head height ; )