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Europa Bay

Europa Bay, St John, Virgin Islands

Europa Bay beach is one of the islands most secluded and least visited of all of St John’s beaches.

Getting there:
The easiest way to get there is via the Lameshur Trail which starts at the west end of Lameshur Bay. From there it’s about a 15>20 minute hike each way.

Europa Bay beach
Once there you’ll understand why so few make the trek. The beach is mostly medium-size coral cobble stones. Access is moderate – watch for sea urchins among the rocks. Just behind the bay is a large salt pond. The bay can be very windy and waves are usually pretty intimidating. Best bet is to visit when the winds have been out of the north for a day or two.

Warning informationSnorkeling is only really enjoyable when weather and waves allow. The best snorkeling is along the eastern side of the bay. Use common sense and never exceed your abilities and always snorkel with someone.

Lameshur Trail – Hiking from Lameshur Bay, just past VIERS, you’ll see signs for the Lameshur Trail. It leads to Europa Bay, Reef Bay and the Reef Bay Ruins, the petroglyphs, and the Par Force Great House. The trail is well maintained. Terrain is sometimes challenging. Don’t forget to bring water!