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St John Vacation Rentals

St John vacation rentals, resorts, B&Bs and places to stay

 Where To Stay?

Tiny St John island has made quite the reputation among Caribbean travelers! With 2/3rds of the island protected by the US Virgin Islands National Park and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – it’s easy to see why people choose St John as their vacation destination! However, unlike the rest of the Caribbean, there aren’t any all inclusive St John resorts. So, where do most visitors stay? They rent one of over 800 St John rental villas that dot the island from the East End and Coral Bay to Fish Bay, Peter Bay and Cruz Bay.

Deal directly with St John owners and managers! Owner name, email address, web site, phone numbers are all visible – with a contact form that goes directly to them! Bonus – No Booking Fees!

How do I find the right villa for my St John vacation?

With so many vacation rentals to choose from – one of the biggest challenges is finding a home away from home that fits your budget, family size, must-have amenities and location close to the activities and beaches you’re most likely to enjoy. So, here’s our suggestion – check out It’s a site built for and supported by the St John rental community. There are no hidden “service fees” like you might get on some mega rental sites. Every property clearly indicates owner or manager – and their contact information. Reach out to them with questions or to make a reservation. And it is dedicated to exclusively St John properties!

TIP: Deal direct – No booking fees!

They have some great resources like maps and travel information to help you choose the best location on the island to start your search. For many that choice starts with which side of the island, Coral Bay (east ) vs Cruz Bay (west ). Once you’ve narrowed it down to location … try entering a target budget. That will weed out the rental villas that are outside what you’d like to spend on accommodations. From there, you can browse and compare villas. Or refine your search by must-have amenities like a pool, spa, ocean view, etc. The search results will give you a shorter list of potential rentals – all of which fit your needs.

 st-john-villa-search-mapThe interactive Map makes the villa search fun!


One of the web site’s features we love the most – is the interactive Google Map. Simple click or enter # of bedrooms or budget and/or dates ….and a map of St John displays markers for each rental property that matches your search. Click on the marker to see the villa name and a featured photo. Click on the image or title and view the property listing! Super easy to use to the point of being fun!

Another feature we loved was the videos that some villas have included. Click the video camera icon anywhere you see one [ thumbnail listings, Home Page banner, etc ] and an informative video pops up and plays! Sure beats still images for really seeing what the villa looks like inside and out!

But perhaps the best part of using the site is that owners and managers are clearly identified so you’ll know who you’re dealing with. Their contact information, including email address, web site, phone numbers are all visible. And there’s a contact form on each listing that goes directly to that person.

But enough about the details. Visit the site and check it out for yourself.