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St John Travel Guide

St John Island Guide US Virgin Islands

St John On Island TimesOur sister site, St John On Island Times, is a travel guide for the island of Saint John, US Virgin Islands. Our pages include sights, activities, crafts, art, music and reading unique to St John. Look for our Uniquely St John section for a complete list.

Most visitors come to St John for our TOP CARIBBEAN BEACHES and TOP ST JOHN SNORKELING SPOTS! But, our beautiful island is so much more than just a pretty beach! With over 2/3 of the island protected by the Virgin Islands National Park you’ll discover an undeveloped St. John. Hike the dozens of trails that lead you to secluded beaches, breathtaking overlooks and historic ruins. Study St Johns history in the stonewalls, plantation ruins and old trails – evidence of her early Dutch sugarcane plantation history. Discover the amazing diversity of birds, lizards, frogs, flowers, trees and insects that call St John home. And yes, you’ll want to see St John’s top beaches like Trunk Bay Beach, Honeymoon Beach, Cinnamon Bay Beach, Hawksnest and Salt Pond. And no visit to Saint John would be complete without a snorkel trip to Henley Cay, The Trunk Bay Underwater Snorkeling Trail, Waterlemon Cay, Salt Pond and Haulover North.

So check out St John On Island Times. Our maps, guides, reviews, charters, rental villas, villa provisioning and resources are sure to help you make the most of your stay on St John and the Virgin Islands.

And flip through our extensive collection of All Things St John on Pinterest