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Scott Bay

Scott Bay Beach, Caneel Bay Resort, St John Island

Scott Bay beach is part of the Caneel Bay Resort – and access is limited to arrival by sea. The Resort asks that you respect the privacy of guests and refrain from using resort beach chairs, towels and facilities.

Getting there:
Caneel Bay Resort is just a few miles away from Cruz Bay heading South on North Shore Road (Rte 20). On your left is the main entrance and gatehouse to Caneel Bay Resort. Visitors can check in at the gate and use the lower parking area. There is a $20 charge – refunded with a $20 purchase during your visit. Access is limited to Caneel Bay beach, Honeymoon and Salomon beaches and does not include use of beach chairs, towels or amenities.

Scott Bay beach
Caneel Bay Resort guests can soak up the warm Caribbean sun on this tiny stretch of “private” white sand beach. This beach gets terrific early day sun and some shade later in the afternoon.

Easy access with shallow sandy shoreline. Directly out from the center of the beach is sea grass – a great spot to see turtles and rays.

Snorkeling to the right of the beach brings you to Turtle Bay beach. Rocky outcroppings of coral and fish provide an exciting snorkel experience. Keep an eye out for turtles and rays that frequent the area.

Warning informationDepending on weather conditions – beware of the current if you swim/snorkel around the point from Scott Bay beach to Turtle Bay beach.