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Salomon Bay

Salomon or Solomon beach on Saint John, US Virgin Islands

Honeymoon Beach, St John mapSalomon Bay beach is one of the best beaches on St John. With beautiful sugar white sand, aqua water and an off-the-beaten-path location …this is one of my favorite beaches on St John.

Getting there:
Hiking: Take the Lind Point Trail from the National Park Visitor’s Center on the eastern side of Great Cruz Bay. It’s about a 1 mile hike to Salomon Bay beach. At the “Y” take the path to the left. The hike is not particularly challenging and has several sightseeing spots. At the far end of the beach the trail continues to Honeymoon Beach with a waterspouts shack and refreshments.

Driving: Caneel Bay Resort ( CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) is just a few miles away from Cruz Bay heading South on North Shore Road (Rte 20). On your left is the main entrance and gatehouse to Caneel Bay Resort. Visitors must use the VI Ecotours / Honeymoon Beach golf cart shuttle . Access is limited to Honeymoon and Salomon beaches.

Salomon Bay Beach
Once a best-kept-secret among residents and frequent visitors – Salomon Beach is fairly popular …and for good reasons. Soft white sand, shade, shallow water entry and wonderful aqua blue/green water make this a great choice for an afternoon or a day on a St John Beach. The short hike or drive / park / hike from Caneel means that fewer visitors make the journey – leaving more beach for you to enjoy! And, if you decide you want to …just round the bend at Honeymoon Bay beach is a watersports shack with ( stand up paddle board )SUP rentals, kayak rentals and snacks and refreshments!Snorkeling Haulover St John

The patch reef that separates Salomon beach and Honeymoon beach has some of the best snorkeling on St John. You’ll see a wide variety of colorful fish and corals in shallow water ( 5′ > 20′ ). Schools of French Grunts congregate around coral heads while Blue Runners pace along the shoreline. Because of the location – this area gets a fair amount of boat traffic. Stay close to shore and within the protected swimming area.