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Perkins Cay

Denis Bay beach and Perkins Cay, St John, US Virgin Islands

Denis Bay beach and Perkins Cay, St John, US Virgin IslandsPerkins Cay doesn’t technically have a beach; but there is a great little sandy beach as you exit the trail for Denis Bay.

Getting There
Perkins Cay is at the western end of Denis Bay Beach.
Head out of Cruz Bay on North Shore Road. Travel about 1.5 mi and you’ll see, to your left, a small parking area for the Peace Hill Trail ( a wonderful short hike with stunning views and ruins). Not far up the trail is a narrow path to your right – which leads down to the western end of Denis Bay Beach.

Perkins Cay Beach
NOTE: Although you’re in the Virgin Islands National Park – there are some pockets of leased private property. The property behind Denis Bay Beach is private – above the high water line. Please respect the owners property and privacy.

This little beach is a great spot to catch some sun, snorkel and swim. While not the most private ( since visitors to Denis Bay Beach emerge from the trail onto this bit of sand; it’s a nice spot to enjoy some St John beach time.

Note: The location and orientation of Denis Bay means it is sometimes subject to strong wind, waves and currents. Always use common sense and caution when swimming or snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Haulover St JohnSnorkeling is good when conditions are calm. Snorkel around Perkins and you’ll see a decent variety of soft corals and fish at deeper levels. The surface is pretty beat up by the nearly relentless pounding waves.

Warning informationDepending on weather conditions – beware of the current if you swim/snorkel off this beach. Unlike many other beaches, Denis is unprotected and often subject to moderate to large northern swells!