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Mennebeck Bay Beach

Mennebeck Bay beach, St Johns, East End, USVI

Mennebeck Bay, St John beach guideMennebeck Bay is located on St John’s rugged northeastern coastline. Remote and extremely difficult to get to – it’s probably best to leave this one off your ST John Beach Punch List. But, we include it here because of its dramatic location, stunning beauty and interesting history.

Getting Here
There’s just no good answer to this one. Mennebeck’s remote and rugged location makes it nearly impossible to get to and dangerous to attempt.

Mennebeck Bay “Beach”
Hidden in plain sight is a deserted crescent of mostly white sand and pebble beach. With impossibly rugged rocks flanking each end and a near vertical hill behind it – it’s an intimidating destination. Facing north by northeast across the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Tortola, the beach is subjected to strong winds, waves and current. With a sandy strip carved by years of waves, it descends steeply into deep water. The beach gets fantastic morning to afternoon sun; but is completely wrapped in shadow by the late afternoon ( especially during winter months).

The reef off the beach is relentlessly pounded by waves and surf leaving the exposed upper sections mostly barren of life. Snorkelers should be experienced and fit to even consider this location – and it should only be attempted on the calmest of days, by the most experienced snorkeler. WARNING: there is really only one way to get back to the beach and that’s to return to the narrow strip of sand, at the center of the reef, that takes you from deeper water to shallow water.

Warning informationForget this spot. It’s too dangerous!