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Little Hawksnest Beach

Little Hawksnest Beach, St John secret beach US Virgin Islands

Little Hawksnest Beach mini mapLittle Hawksnest Beach is the redheaded step child of the more popular Hawksnest Beach on St Johns North Shore beaches. While Hawksnest is a relatively long beach ( by St John beach standards); you’ll find that Little Hawksnest is, well, little!

Getting There
From Cruz Bay – take Rte 20 ( North Shore Road) about 2 mi. You can’t miss the parking area on your left and Virgin Islands National Park sign indicating you’ve found Hawksnest Beach. With a relatively large number of parking spots ( by St John standards), you can usually find a place to park.

Little Hawksnest Beach
Running from the western end of the beach ( left as you face the water) is a narrow path. Follow the path as it winds along the shoreline. When you reach a large outcropping of rocks you’ll see Little Hawksnest Beach. Another 20 yards and you’ll find yourself on a little sandy beach that’s perfect to escape the busier days at its big brother, Hawksnest Beach.

NOTE: The beach is very narrow and when the tide is highest is just a tiny strip. Morning and afternoon sun are good; with shadows building as you move into late afternoon.

The Beach further west is Hawksnest Beach at the Caneel Bay Resort. While beaches are “public” in the US Virgin Islands; beach chairs, towels and services are reserved for guests of this St John resort.

Snorkeling Haulover St JohnMost people don’t visit Little Hawksnest Beach for the snorkeling and for good reason – there are much better places to snorkel ; ) If you want to snorkel …you’ll need to do it off the western end of the main beach, Hawksnest Beach. There you’ll find relatively good snorkeling with a nice selection of soft and hard corals and fish. And keep your eyes open for Sea Turtles that like the sea grass beds of Hawksnest Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands.