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Hart Bay

Hart Bay, St John US Virgin Islands

Hart Bay, St John mini mapLocated just a few minutes drive south-east of Cruz Bay sits Hart Bay. Together Klein Bay, Monte Bay and Hart Bay make up the much larger, Rendezvous Bay.

With limited water access and only the narrowest strip of sand beach, Hart Bay doesn’t get many beachgoers. But for those few who can access the water – it’s a wonderful spot to enjoy a few hours of snorkeling and beach combing.

Large schools of Surgeon Fish and Parrotfish swim with the occasional vivid purple and yellow Spanish Hogfish!

Hart Bay, St John snorkeling map

An aerial view shows the exposed southern bay to be very shallow on the south-western side. Constant pounding of wind and waves means corals don’t stand a chance here. Running down the center of the bay is a channel. Once you cross this sandy channel the water is deeper and the waves decrease. And located almost exactly in the center of the bay you’ll find a rocky outcropping that breaks the surface of the water. This is where the snorkeling is the best.

Underwater image Hart Bay, St John US Virgin Islands snorkeling

On a recent snorkel at Hart Bay I saw an incredible number of tropical Caribbean fish and corals. You’ll see the usual Sergeant Major Damsels ( alternating bands of black and yellow ), Atlantic Blue Tangs, a variety of wrasse including Blue Heads, Puddingwife, and Green Razors along with parrotfish, Butterfly Fish, Grey Angelfish, grunts, snapper and hind. Hard corals seem to prefer the protected area just behind the rocky outcropping. I saw lots of maze brain coral, fire coral, star coral, flower coral and mustard Hill coral. Between the rocks and the shore you’ll find more  gorgonians, seafans and sea rods. Marine life includes spiny Caribbean lobsters, the smaller spotted Spanish Lobster, along with Chain Moray and Spotted Moray eels.

360 VR View of Hart Bay

As previously mentioned, Hart Bay is often overlooked because access is limited. For those fortunate enough to stay at a St John vacation rental like  Hart Bay Great House – you’ll enjoy water access!


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