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Great Lameshur Bay

Great Lameshur beach

Lameshur Bay beach mapGreat Lameshur Bay is located on the remote south shore of St John. With its stoney beach – it’s mostly visited by residents and VIERS students and staff.

Getting there:
Warning informationAlthough you’ll see cars make the trek – this dirt road really should only be traveled in a 4×4.

Coming from Cruz Bay you can take Centerline Road ( Rte 10) or North Shore Road (RTE 20) toward Coral Bay. At the bottom of the steep hill coming into Coral Bay you’ll come to a “T” intersection. Take a right and travel the twisting winding road about 5 mi., past Concordia and Salt Pond. At the end of the paved road you’ll find the entrance road to VIERS and the 2 Lameshur bays.

Great Lameshur Bay beach
Just over a mile from the entrance, and just past a salt marsh that comes up to the roadside,  you’ll see Great Lameshur Beach through the trees on your right. The beach is a long crescent of mostly stone and pebbles. Access is not as easy as some of the sandy beaches but not a huge challenge.

Because there are so many wonderful beaches on St John – this one doesn’t get a lot of visitors. Most continue on past Great Lameshur and go to Lameshur Bay beach. Unless you are looking for a secluded day …I would suggest that you do the same …Snorkeling Haulover St John

SnorkelingFor accomplished snorkelers, this is the best reason to visit this beach. Hike along the eastern shoreline about 300 to 400 yards and you’ll come to a small pocket cove. From here you can enter the water and snorkel along the eastern edge – across some deeper water rock walls and structure that few people visit. A word of caution: as you get closer to the point you’ll likely find the waves increase in size making snorkeling difficult.