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Friis Bay

Friis Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands aerial photo

One of St John’s hidden gems, Friis Bay. Located south of Coral Bay as you head toward popular beach and hiking at Salt Pond Bay / Ram Head and Lameshur Bay / Lameshur Bay Trail.

With private property lining the Bay – access is limited to guests, homeowners and people approaching from the water. But snorkelers, kayakers and paddle boarders will find Friis Bay to be a small but  beautiful bowl-shaped bay. And it’s just a short distance to famous Miss Lucy’s Restaurant; where you can enjoy food and drink just steps from the water! TRAVEL TIP: They do a great Sunday Brunch!

Snorkeling Friis Bay

The bay’s round shape is a mix of sand and sea grass beds. Structure is limited but best along the southern side of the bay ( right side as you face the water). There’s a long rift where shallow water breaks to deeper water. You’ll find lots of juvenile fish, crabs, lobsters and conch as you make your way from the shoreline out into the bay. The center of the bay is sand – and you’ll see the occasional conch making its way to “greener pastures” of the sea grasses the flank the bay.